Services We Offer

Our experienced software engineers can provide a range of software solutions, ranging from standlone pieces of software for already exsiting systems, mobile applications and web applications to help improve new or exisiting products through to bespoke pieces of software for embedded systems.
Throughtout this process our engineers will ensure that a high level of communication is maintained, this will allow you to see your system progress through the different development stages and also allow for your input and requirement changes throughout.

Mobile & Web Applications

Our engineers have experience in writing a variety of different applications for all major mobile operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows) through the use of key programming languages such as C#, Java, Objective C and Swift.
They can use this experience to help you develop an application to meet your requirements whethers that’s updating or improving an exsiting system or creating a bespoke application altogether.
We can also provide web based applications to either link to a mobile application or be run as a stand alone system through the use of the latest technology and languages in web development to provide you with access to elements such as servers and databases using languages such HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Embedded Systems

We are also capable of creating embedded software for a range of systems running 8,16 or 32 bit processors, which can then be used to run real time operating systems and applciations.
These systems will be created using the C and C++ languages, during the creation of mbedded systems the software and hardware departments will work closely together to ensure you get the most effiecient system to suit your requirements.

Desktop Systems

Our expertise also allows us to work with a range of desktop systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
This allows us to develop new applications that can run on pre-exisiting systems that you may already have as well as providing you a variety of options when it comes to developing your system and ensuring that limitations to your system are kept minimal.

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