Services We Offer

We provide a range of services to cover any prototyping requirements you may have, including Rapid PCB manufacture and mechanical prototyping such as chassis and enclosure design through the use of 3D printers and casting. There are three major types of prototype we offer:

Visual Prototype

A visual prototype will exhibit the overall shape and size of your final product and doesn’t normally feature any working parts. The materials used in this design may also differ to those that are used in the final product.

Proof Of Concept Prototype

This prototype will exhibit the key functionality of your product and resolves the main technical issues of the design. This does mean that the design may differ from the final design in some visual and technical aspects, but allows for the system to be proven and provides a system that can be used in scenarios such as investment meetings and similar.

Presentation Prototype

A presentation prototype will exhibit the key functionality of your product, similar to a proof of concept prototype. However it will not only provide a functional idea of the system but also provides an idea of what your system will look like visually in the mass produced stages. The materials used in this design will also be close to the production grade material, as long as it is economically viable to buy these parts in smaller quantities required for prototyping.

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