Complete Solution

Concept Phase

We will assess your project to acquire the key aims and objectives.
This will allow us to create you a document informing you of the ideas we have for your system as well as providing you a rough cost breakdown for the entire project. Throughout this stage we will provide our professional knowledge to help enhance your design or provide you with further ideas.

Hardware Development Phase

Following on from our research the next phase will be the creation of proof of concept system.
This will allow for the system to be visualised, from this improvements or changes seen by either yourself or us can be made before the final hardware design is developed, for further details see Circuit Design

Software Phase

Using our extensive knowledge we are able to write a variety of systems from mobile apps through to embedded software systems.
This allows us to work closely with our hardware team during the development cycle, making changes and enhancements as required.

Testing and Finalisation Phase

During this stage the completed design will be assembled and tested to check for any issues before finalisation.
The finalisation of the design will be working closely with you to ensure that the system meets your requirements and is satisfactory,
the final stage will be ensuring that the system is running in location as required,
we have experience in installing systems in a range of environments.
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