WavBox User Manual


WAVbOX is a solid state digital audio player that is compact, low powered with a built in 20Watt class ‘D’ stereo amplifier that plays *.wav formatted audio files.

WavBox operates as a standalone audio player, automatically booting and playing content from its on-board SD card as soon as power is applied or controlled via
its serial interface. In addition, it can also be configured to be trigged via 1 of its 6 digital inputs using either buttons or PIR’s for example.

Its compact size and low power consumption make WavBox ideal for integration into interactive displays and audio guides.

Key Features

  • Stereo line level output via 3.5mm jack socket
  • Stereo 20Watt per channel class ‘D’ amplifier output when
    configured in “stereo mode”
  • Mono 40Watts class ‘D’ amplifier output when configured
    in “bridging mode”
  • Standalone playback from on-board SD card of WAV
    formatted audio files
  • WAV (PCM or IMA ADPCM) file formats
  • Play / Pause interface via user interface
  • Volume up/down interface via user interface
  • Audio mute via user interface
  • Audio Loop-thru
  • 8 direct audio trigger digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • Random play digital input (future feature)
  • Sequential play digital input (future feature)
  • Status messaging via the on-board RS232 interface (future feature)
  • Playback control via the on-board RS232 interface (future feature)

Technical Data

Power supply 12-24v DC @ 2.5A. (Maximum)
Amplifier rating Stereo mode 20Watts @ 24v into 4 Ω
Bridged mode 40Watts @ 24v into 8 Ω
Overall Dimensions 32 x 118(including mounting lugs) x 75 mm (HxWxL)
Weight 250 g
On-board storage SD memory card
Housing Matt black steel enclosure with mounting flanges

Further Information

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