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CLICKBOX II is a fantastic solution for simple control of animated figures, lighting, pneumatics, sound and much, much more.

Output control is provided by two relays, both with normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) and common connections. These can be programmed to open and close at whatever intervals are required to create a show of up to 30 minutes duration.

A Trigger Output is also provided allowing control of external devices, for example, an audio player or even additional ‘slave’ CLICKBOX II units, to easily increase the number of output channels.

Show playback is initiated via a simple switch closure, allowing control via a push button, pressure mat, PIR detector or IR beam detector.

CLICKBOX II is the most versatile and easy-to-use controller of its type on the market and has many applications in museums, theme parks, dark rides and ‘haunted’ visitor attractions!

Key Features

  • Two independant mains-rated output relays
  • Up to 25 relay actions per second for each relay
  • Up to 30 minutes of show time
  • Continuous loop and auto run from power up
  • Easy to program via integral push buttons
  • Programming lock to prevent tampering
  • Triggering by simple contact closure
  • Trigger output for linking slave units or triggering external devices
    such as audio players
  • Compact mountable design for easy integration into set work

Technical Data

Overall Dimensions 110 x 57 x 27mm
Weight 150 g
Supply Voltage 12 V DC (mains adapter supplied)
Supply Current (max) 600 mA
Output Relays 2 x SPCO (Com, NC, NO)
Relay Contact Rating 240 V AC @ 3 A
Relay Connector 6-pin 2-part screw terminal block
Power Connector
(also includes input trigger)
3-pin 2-part screw terminal block
Input Trigger Connector 3.5mm jack socket
(also available on power connector)
Output Trigger Connector 3.5mm jack socket
Enclosure Black ABS
CE Conformity EN 61000-6-3:2001;
EN 61000-6-1:2001;
EN 60950:2000

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